Have you heard of using Google Trends to find keywords? (Click here to learn What Is a Keyword & Why You Should Care) 

You need people to come to your website, right?

To get people to come to your website, you need to know what they are looking for. You need to know what they are searching for in the search engines.

But wouldn’t it be awesome to know what the “new” thing is they are searching for instead of just what they have searched for in the past?

Wouldn’t it be great to know what the new and “it” trend is before or during, instead of after?

Well… you can!

Google Trends is a fabulous way to see what the, well… trend is.

Google takes all of the info they are getting and plugs it into their little computer to extrapolate (I love that word. Need to use it more.) what the trends are.

Guess what?

In the video below, you are going to see how to use Google Trends to find keywords and keyword phrases. (Click here to learn What Is a Keyword & Why You Should Care)

You can read the instructions too. But I suggest watching the video at least once so you can get a good idea of what exactly I am talking about.

Google Trends

1. This video is gonna show you how to use Google Trends to also find ideas for keywords. Now, with Google Trends you do not need a Gmail account, or a G Suite account or anything, you can just use it without signing in, so it’s no big deal.

Probably an easiest way to do it is just to go to your search bar, and type in trends. And if you are in Google search, it will come up at the top.

You want Trends.Google.com

2. Click Google Trends, and then you’ll come to this page for Google Trends.

Up here at the very top you’re gonna see Explore Topics.

We are going to go ahead and go with the previous one that we were using in another video. We’re gonna type in smoothies for search term. Just hit enter, and then it starts giving you all this lovely information.

Google Keyword Planner - Keyword - Smoothie

3. So, this is showing you the information for the past 12 months. Let’s just go from the top here.

You’ve got the Google Trends and Explore over here. This area is the search term you’re looking for. If you click on it you can remove it, or edit it.

Or you can also, if you wanna change it, you just click in there, and you can do a new one. But we’re gonna stick with the one we’ve got. You can compare it to another term, here.

4. If you want to only look for trends in certain areas, or certain countries, you can just choose new countries here, from this nice drop down. Or you can just keep it worldwide.

Because perhaps your topic that you’re looking for, you just want it in a specific place, like where you’re living or something.

Say you’re in Belgium and you only want people from Belgium, or something like that. You have the whole list to choose from. But we’re gonna keep it worldwide, just out of curiosity.

5. You can also change how long you’ve been looking at these trends. This is just the past 12 months.

You can look at what the trends have been for the last hour, four hours, day, past five years, all the way from 2004. (I’m guessing that’s when they started recording what the trends are.)

We’re gonna keep it just for the last year. Actually, you know what? I’m gonna show you the past five years, because I thought there was something interesting in the graph that you’ll see.

I thought this was interesting. This is for the past five years; any guesses as to what time of year this uptick hits every single year? Can you guess? Can you guess?

Look at that. January!

Nobody is caring about smoothie recipes at all in December, because they just want their December Christmas candy. Then poof! January 1st comes along and everybody wants to get healthy.

Google Trends - Interest by Region

6. If you scroll down here, you can see the interest by region. The darker areas are what’s gonna show more: Australia, Canada, United States.

This is a little lighter as we go along. Sweden doesn’t care as much about smoothies. And then Brazil, you only got two so that’s even lighter. And then you’ve got areas like Russia, obviously they don’t care about smoothies in Russia.

If you click here it will go through all the regions. It’s only showing you the top five. If you click this, you can also go by city as well as by region.

We’re gonna scroll down a little bit more; this is where it gives you more idea. It gives you actual related topics.

This will give you an idea of related queries, to give you some more ideas to expand upon what you might possibly want to make more blog posts about.

7. What you can also do here is; you can embed this. You can share it. You can download it. You might wanna actually download this to a CSV file for information later on. If you wanna gather a bunch of information ’cause you wanna go over it with other people, you can also download it.

So! This is Google Trends. It’s very, very helpful. If you wanna search other terms, you just go back up into here. Click in here. And you can start typing other things. You can type in anything you want.

You can see what’s going on in the world and what people are searching for.

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