Why You Need to Design Your 404 Error Page

404 Error Page for your website

What it is? Why should you care about it? How is it helping or hurting your online business?

In the video below, I go over all of these things. As well as what you can do about it.

In case you don’t feel like watching the video, the transcript is below.

Full Transcript of Video

Today we’re going to talk about your 404 Error Page for your website, what it is, why you should care, and how it is either helping or hurting your online business.

What is a 404 Error Page?

It’s a File Not Found Error. Somebody comes to your website and, let’s say, they’ve typed in the actual URL correctly, but then, whatever is after that is incorrect. Whether it’s a jumble of letters, or that page has moved and has a different URL now. The whole big URL doesn’t exist anymore, so it comes to your website and, then, it pops up this specific page. It’s like, “Oops, sorry. You didn’t get you wanted.”

Here are some examples of a few 404 Error Pages, so you know what they look like.

Amy Porterfield 404 Error Page
Michael Hyatt 404 Error Page
Creator Tia 404 Error Page

Basically, they’re looking for something very specific on your website, but they didn’t find what they wanted, so they get this error page. But you don’t want them to leave your website. You want to either help them find what they’re looking for, or help them find something similar.

What should you do?

Types of 404 Error Pages

  • Humorous 404 Error Pages
  • Search 404 Error Pages
  • Recent Posts 404 Error Pages
  • Freebie 404 Error Pages

Humorous 404 Error Pages

Well, one thing you can do is you can use humor, and you can apologize.

There are some websites that when you get their 404 Error Page, it’s like, “Oops. Looks like there was a conspiracy here,” or something like that. That helps kind of break up the situation a little bit. Because I know when I’m looking for something specific, and I get an error page. Well, now I’m kind of upset, and I just want to leave.

Search 404 Error Pages

You can give them a way to search for what they’re looking for. If they come to your website looking for something specific, they obviously know what they have in mind. Giving them some type of search bar so they can put in those keywords to find what they’re looking for is usually extremely helpful and will help keep them on your website.

Recent Posts 404 Error Pages

You could give them a list of recent posts or recent pages, or even something that a lot of your more popular ones, so they have something to choose from. That may trigger what they’re actually looking for.

Freebie 404 Error Pages

You can give them a freebie. If you have something that you’re giving away on your website that’s really helpful, useful information, you can go ahead and suggest that to them. Maybe that will have what they’re looking for.

You want a really good looking and helpful 404 Error Page. You want it to help you and your website instead of hurt you and your website in the long run.

(Now, you can check out the other videos I have linked down below. Those videos will show you how to add a specific 404 Error Page set if you have WordPress and Leadpages, or if you have SquareSpace, or if you just have WordPress and you want a good free plugin to use.)

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