404 Error Page with Squarespace

Setting up a well-designed 404 Error Page in Squarespace is really pretty darn simple.

  1. Design a new page
  2. Designate your 404 Error Page to be that page


That’s it in a nutshell.

To get an easier understanding on see the step by step for each click, watch the video below.

You will also see a transcript of the video, but it is probably easier to watch since it is a how-to.


Full Transcript of Video

Today we’re going to talk about how to add a specific 404 error page in Squarespace site.

In this video we are going to set up your 404 error page if you have a Squarespace site. I’m not going to show you how to create the optimal 404 error page. That is something for another video, but this is just showing you the logistics of how to have it set up so you can set up a very specific one instead of the system default.

(For ideas of how to create your 404 Error Page, take a look at this post and video. I give you some ideas. Choose which is right for you.)

Now I went ahead and created this Creator Tia Demo site in Squarespace to show you how this works. Just to let you know, so far with this theme I’ve only made one page live. All the rest are still in demo and you will see how that will show up here when we go to setup your 404 error page.

In Squarespace Settings:

Over here on your left is your main menu. We’re going to go ahead and click on settings.

Then once you click on settings we’re going to scroll down a little bit here under website down to advanced. Click on advanced. Then you’ll see at the top it says 404 error/page not found. Click on that.

Since I only have this one page live it goes ahead and brings up that’s the page. If you click on this drop down menu you will see this What We Do page. That’s the one I have made live. There’s also system default page. If you want to have the system default you would just click that. You click save.

That’s what the system default looks like, but if you have another page already made, very specifically, of how you want it to look, you would just click on this drop down menu.

Click the what we do, or I guess it would be whatever you’ve called it. I usually call it 404 error, so I know exactly what it is. Then that pops up. You would want to click save at the top.

Then you just click arrow back and settings here until you get all the way back to the home page.

In Squarespace Pages:

If you do want to create a specific page you would go ahead and click on the pages and then here’s where you would have all your pages. (You can see that this What We Do is the only one that I don’t have demo on. That’s why that one is the automatic one that popped up.) But you could create a new page just by clicking the plus sign.

Now you know how to set up your 404 error page in Squarespace.

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